the blossom revolution


Girl Scout Patch & Programming!

Do you want to know how to talk to young women about eating disorders?

Do you want to instill girls with body confidence skills?

Do you want someone with lived experience to teach girls of all ages how to love their bodies?

The Blossom Revolution is pleased to announce that there is now a program to help teach and foster body positivity skills in school aged girls across the nation.

The Blossom Revolution program is available to any Girl Scout troop that wants to join the self-love revolution and teach their scouts the three tenants of eating disorder prevention: positive self-talk, a healthy relationship with food and exercise, and peer support. For more information on The Blossom Revolution, keep reading below!

Please email Madison at to receive a copy of The Blossom Revolution Girl Scout Program! All troops that complete the activities and send their information in will receive a FREE Blossom Revolution patch!