the blossom revolution

Let’s face it..

Growing up is hard. You’ve got pressures from school, your peers, and parents.

The last thing you need is pressure from society about how your body should look.

And, with 50% of young girls ages 9-11 endorsing dieting or feeling like they need to lose weight, the societal pressures are setting in much earlier than we have anticipated.

We need to give young men and women comprehensive eating disorder education before they need it, and we need to empower everyone to make healthy, sustainable choices for their bodies.

That’s where The Blossom Revolution comes in.

The Blossom Revolution aims to prevent eating disorders by teaching children skills that foster self-love, self-respect, and self-sustainability, building off of the body positivity movement, including teaching the principles of intuitive eating and Health at Every Size (HAES).

We teach children and adults that just like all plants are unique and beautiful, all individuals are unique and beautiful. And, just like plants need water, soil, and sunlight to blossom, we can blossom by growing in positive self-talk, fostering a healthy relationship with food and exercise, and rooting in with peer support.

Sound like a good idea? We think so too.

Join The Blossom Revolution as we spread body-positivity across Iowa and beyond!

We are available for speaking engagements to individuals of all ages, education levels, and backgrounds.

Please contact Madison at to set up a speaking engagement!